A seinen, action, drama, black and white, indie manga created by Genji Otori. Currently on hiatus due to Work and Travel Holidays in Japan. But check back anytime as the online library grows with extra content.

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Japan Hiatus

Can you keep your humanity in the face of death?

The world, war-ridden and cruel, is ruled by dragons. In order to acquire superhuman powers, warlords form pacts with dragons and become dragoons. This story is about the fate of a group of soldiers and chilling death – a female dragoon warrior and the only

human to be in a mysterious relationship with the dragons.

Volume 1

Blood Stained Snow is a story about war, loss and brutality in a magical world ruled by dragons. Their cruelty brings death to humans. Only a few chosen are strong enough to seal a pact with those terrifying creatures and granted superhuman powers. They are called dragoons.
Rikka, serving her dragon Caél is a battle-born woman fighting one of those cruel wars. On her journey she meets a lot of people: helping her, betraying her, dying at her hand. But also dragoons – their madness on par with the

0: Requiem
1: Skirmishes



Volume 2

With the help of the battle-born warrior Rikka, the young lad Ichiro was able to escape from the cruel grips of two dragoons – servants of the prince and dragon Aodh. Little do Ichiro and his friends know about the danger that crosses the mountains not far away. A race of life and death begins.

2: Polarization and Anticipation
3: Cornered



Blood Stained Snow: Critique Fatale

Rikka as an agent of the 1930s? Captain Kumayama helping Masuyo – the wife in need – with his detective expertise? A mystery in a hotel, a missing person and two over-motivated bell boys are on your menu in this mystery-comedy-historical 50 page long short story.