Can you keep your humanity in the face of death?

The world, war-ridden and cruel, is ruled by dragons. In order to acquire superhuman powers, warlords form pacts with dragons and become dragoons. This story is about the fate of a group of soldiers and chilling death – a female dragoon warrior and the only

human to be in a mysterious relationship with the dragons.

Volume 1

Blood Stained Snow is a story about war, loss and brutality in a magical world ruled by dragons. Their cruelty brings death to humans. Only a few chosen are strong enough to seal a pact with those terrifying creatures and granted superhuman powers. They are called dragoons.
Rikka, serving her dragon Caél is a battle-born woman fighting one of those cruel wars. On her journey she meets a lot of people: helping her, betraying her, dying at her hand. But also dragoons – their madness on par with the

0: Requiem
1: Skirmishes

Volume 2

With the help of the battle-born warrior Rikka, the young lad Ichiro was able to escape from the cruel grips of two dragoons – servants of the prince and dragon Aodh. Little do Ichiro and his friends know about the danger that crosses the mountains not far away. A race of life and death begins.

2: Polarization and Anticipation
3: Cornered

Blood Stained Snow: Critique Fatale

Rikka as an agent of the 1930s? Captain Kumayama helping Masuyo – the wife in need – with his detective expertise? A mystery in a hotel, a missing person and two over-motivated bell boys are on your menu in this mystery-comedy-historical 50 page long short story.